Tuesday, September 24, 2019

We Can Tell You How To Flush or Drain Tank, Step-by-Step :

1 Turn off the water heater’s gas valve or electrical power, relying on whether it is a gasoline or electric powered heater.
2 Turn off the water inlet valve that controls the provide of water to the tank. Be positive this is the incoming bloodless water valve, not a valve for the outbound hot water (the pipe should be cold).
3 Attach a hose to the drain valve at the backside of the water heater, and run the hose to a drain, to the outdoors, or to a giant bucket. Make certain the stop of the hose is beneath the degree of the drain valve.
4 Open a hot water faucet somewhere in the residence or the water heater’s pressure-release valve to let in air so the water heater can drain.
5 Open the water heater’s drain valve. If you’re just flushing sediment, enable three or four gallons to exit until the water from the drain valve runs clear. Again, beware of warm water needs.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Water heater questions and answers :

What should everyone know about their water heater?

  1. Turn off the cold water inset valve
  2. Turn off the gas supply valve if you have a gas-powered water heater
  3. Disconnect the electrical supply if dealing with an electric water heater
  4. Attach a hose to drain valve and drain tank

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Water Heater :


1. Lower the temperature setting on your water heater. Many water heaters' default setting is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Most professional plumbers recommend a temperature setting of about 115-120 degrees. This lower setting will help reduce the chances of your water heater overheating as well as save you up to 5% on your energy bill.

2. Inspect the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve). The T&P valve is the safety valve on your water heater. If the water heater was to continue to heat water, even after reaching the set temperature, it could lead to an explosion from the built up pressure. To prevent this, excess pressure and temperature is expelled through this valve to keep your water heater running safely. You can inspect the valve in three easy steps

3. Perform a mini-flush on your water heater. Over time, sediment builds up in your water heater tank. This sediment can both corrode your tank and decrease your water heater's efficiency. To prevent these problems, you need to regularly flush your water heater. How often you need to flush it will depend on the hardness and acidity of the water in your area. Here's a quick how-to guide for flushing your water heater.

4. Wrap your water heater tank in an insulating blanket. An insulating blanket around the tank of your water heater, as well as insulating any exposed pipes, helps reduce energy consumption by decreasing the amount of standby heat loss. This can also extend the life of your water heater by lowering the demand on it.

5. Get an annual professional water heater inspection/tune-up. Much like your car, your water heater needs regular maintenance from certified, trained professionals. Professional plumbers are trained and know what to look for. They will inspect parts of your water heater that you do not safely have access to.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019

water Heater Leak Service

If you have water heater leak, just call us now
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Water Heater Repair The Woodlands TX

If you are having hot water heater problems such as not having enough to provide your family with the many gallons they need to do dishes, wash laundry or take showers, our plumbers can correct this problem in a matter of an hour.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Water Heater Repair The Woodlands TX Can Help You

You need a high efficiency water heater if you want to save money in energy consumption and to give your home enough hot water for its various needs. Water Heater Repair The Woodlands TX can help you get your unit operating well, whether that means replacing aging parts or keep it well maintained to correct such problems as leaking water heater. Our experts know how to get the job done.

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